Friday, March 09, 2007

You Probably Won't See This on CNBC

Or Fox, or MSNBC, or TBC, or even the Movie Channel. As far as I know HBO hasn't started the series yet. Maybe Comedy Central - that seems to be where all the real news is being reported these days.

I give you the Jobs Report and Yen show

I used to make a little extra change gaming these reports but I've told the horror stories of my misadventures in FOREXland before especially with the Yen so I won't repeat them here.

But the discerning eye can certainly pick out a BOB or two can't it? I used this for trading money but you don't get volume - so I'd wait for a down trend with a pull back and a low RSI followed by a higher low on a green bar and then maKe my trade. The RSI is really handy for getting you out of trades too. But generally you just watch for pull backs. If you weren't greedy you could make a good living gaming the US reports - if...

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