Monday, March 26, 2007

I'm Buying

I don't usually get excited over any stock because in my mind they are all pieces of crap with no redeeming social value - just another way to gamble, but this one, RSH, is amazing. Radio Shack should be dead and gone by now - they are a relic of a bygone day a day when most of us would buy the parts and pieces for various projects from them and we built everything from scratch and repaired everything at home. I built my first computer from Radio Shack parts and pieces.

Have you noticed that there is very little market for that kind of thing anymore? But RSH just keeps on keepin' on -

This guy should have been in both the model portfolio and the trading portfolio from February 28th on. Here is the pivot point model chart -

It will be in the trading portfolio today - because I'm buying. I'm looking for 30 dollars up or 80 cents down.

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