Wednesday, March 28, 2007

BOB Set-Up Filter

I was asked to provide the code for the BOB Set-Up Filter and here it is

/*This filter finds the first two days of the triad - you have to determine the third piece in real time*/
show stocks where close is between 15 and 35
and average volume(90) > 500000
and close 1 days ago < ema(8) 1 day ago /*this line helps ensure I'm looking at distressed stocks*/
and close 1 day ago < open 1 day ago
and close < open
and high < high 1 day ago
and volume is more than 20% > volume 1 day ago
and low < low 1 day ago
and draw ema(8)
and draw ema(21)

Use at your own risk - no further warning necessary.


Bullish Jim said...

That's a huge help. Thanks, Marlyn.

Hey, what do you think of IAAC's chart?

Tom said...

Thanks for the info.

IIO said...

Thanks for sharing your filter parameters. Can you tell me what BOB mean? (I tried searching Google, but all it brought up was stock traders named Bob).

Also, is this filter similar to the one you posted a week or two ago which selected stocks after two down days? thanks.

Marlyn Trades said...

Everyone is welcome.

IIO - yes this is the same code - I republished for Bullish Jim and anyone else who wanted it.

BOB stands for Blow-Off Bottom - I doubt it has gotten to Google yet since it is my invention.

IIO said...

ahh! no wonder -- Maybe you should copyright it.

Another site,
has a filter which involves a stock which closed down two days in a row. He calls those plays a "Rocket".

Anonymous said...

Oh contrare----last week I did a Google search on "Blow off bottom" and found that your site occupies the first two slots out of 1,460,000 returns. Wow.


Marlyn Trades said...

Fantastic - Maybe I'll get some more readers.

Anyone who is observant and looks at a few thousand charts will soon start seeing the BOB - it's what I call a "traders observation". Now - the more people who start using it the better IMO because that means that the demand for stocks exhibiting it will increase which will cause the price to indeed "Rocket".

Marlyn Trades said...

I just reviewed the "Rocket" - it's not a BOB - in fact it looks pretty interesting - I think I'll test it.


Interesting post on filter.