Sunday, March 25, 2007

NewMoMo - All Indices

The only thing I'm missing is the mid-cap. Mid-cap is the best performing class of stocks this year to date - why is that? I don't know - no one knows - it's just a fact.

What this shows is that three of the four have rolled over the top and are now heading back down which is why I'm calling for a down day on Monday. But I think because this is end of the quarter and the last week at the end of the quarter is usually pretty good (about 60 - 40 up) barring catastrophe this could be an up week overall. Friday is, after all, hedge fund manager bonus day and vacation season is upon us and 90 percent of the hedge funds out there are simple stock funds with a couple of options thrown in and so the market must go up. But first - it must go down.