Saturday, March 24, 2007

Say It Ain't So - Jimmy Crack Corn Pone -

Say it ain't so.... and tight on the little dirty face with tears running down the rosy apple-red cheek and fade to black and cut!

Oh please - please - puhhhaleeeez - don't let this happen - no more Cramer to bash around - what will happen to all the poor retail investors out there who follow him like dogs follow their owner when he's carrying a pork chop bone?

I don't know if you've been following all the Bull Snot regarding Jimmy and hedge funds manipulating stock prices for fun and profit - but I haven't. I haven't because if you didn't understand that was going on you are a naive waif and you deserve to have your cookies taken away.

It isn't personal - it's just bidness brudder and it just don't matter.

Somebody, for the past three days, was selling KNOT down - no news, no reason - just relentless selling.

Everytime it caught a bid it was sold down again -

Does that look like panic selling by the retail trade? This is a deliberate effort to sell this stock - as in I don't want your last bid - I will offer it lower, please. Most of the time this sort of selling comes with a story - there wasn't one in this instance or at least one that the clueless ones were fed. Or maybe all of the hot shot financial writers - you know - the guys who write stuff like - buy and hold is the only true way to wealth - maybe they were feeling put upon and refused to write the story.

Can I prove that? Oh hell no. The point is this sort of thing exists - it goes on all the time - everyone in the business knows that it happens - and just about no one - except the clueless financial media - cares.

Because - and this is key and crucial to the whole argument - if they cared they would have made a stink about it in December when Jimmy Crack Corn Pone first sat down and "confessed".

I kid you KNOT.

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