Wednesday, March 21, 2007

EMA 140 Part 2

I was just reading a post on Seeking Alpha by a youngster who correctly guessed that a stock was going to go up a couple of bucks - something we do around here all the time - but he was quite excited by all of this and I just thought I'd share something regarding the call.

The individual, a student in B-school, uses the MA 200 to inform his trading. Now here's a picture of the stock in question with the MA 200 and the EMA 140 and you tell me if he would have made more money with the EMA 140 -

It is easy to see that if they taught EMA 140 in modern schools the young man would have had a moving average crossover at least 3 days and about a buck quicker. And that's the problem with these stupid schools - they continue to teach technology for the 18th century as if it were current.

It's unfortunate but someday this arrogant young fool is going to be making bazillion dollar decisions using a tool box full of the equivalent of home-made hand-tools.

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