Saturday, March 31, 2007

QT Code for BOB and Tweezer

Here is the code I use for the BOB which I call "Enhanced BOB" because it includes the constraint "and bar close[1] < EMA(21)" - I use that to ensure that the BOB is happening at a bottom and not at some intermediate point.

If bar low[1] < bar low[2] AND volume[1] > volume[2] AND bar open[1] >= bar close[1] AND bar open[2] >= bar close[2] and bar low >= bar low[1] and bar close[1] < EMA(21) and bar close > bar open set color to Red

And here is Tweezer. You will note in the BOB code that the requirement for bar low is to be ">=" bar low[1] this permits a BOB to include a tweezer bottom. I think that is a very powerful combination.

If bar low = bar low[1] and bar close > bar open and bar open < ema(21) set color to $70106D

Note that "color $70106D" is just my preference - you can set the color any way you prefer.

Again the constraint to be below ema(21) is to ensure it is a bottom and not an intermediate condition.

Needless to say but say it I will - either of these near or on a pivot point just adds value to the indicator.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the codes........


IIO said...

I don't know if your program allows it, but have you ever tried applying your BOB filter to both a weekly timeframe as well as a daily timeframe? I would think that could be interesting.

Anonymous said...

First off, I really enjoy your Blog.

Second, what happened to the Larry Connors Blog. I'm having nice results with his "10-day low filter. I combine it with IBD ratings.



Excellent QT