Sunday, March 18, 2007

All You Bears - -- Back in the Woods

I just spent several hours looking at a bunch of gloom and doomers - I've got to stop that makes me sick to my stomach - a good thing I was fortified with some fine Shiraz.

Let the morons head for cover - we'll get rich. A couple of months of weakness just means that we'll have to be careful where we put our money.

This isn't the end of the world and just because a Tim Knight says he's short doesn't mean the market is going to collapse. I mean - when was Knight not short? And who cares - he's called 15 of the last 1 down trends - what an incredibly amazing record.

Subprime - all that means to me is an opportunity to buy houses cheap - but around here - Anne Arundel County Maryland there ain't no such thing. I wish I could find a cheap house - I'd buy it and move my daughter of my back bedroom.

I don't think there's a cheap house in any part of Maryland. Nor Northern Va. Nor Atlanta Ga. Nor Miami Beach, Fla - yes there are some markets that are depressed - instead of 859K a house in Holiwood CA fetched 825K - oh my God - the humanity of it!!!! And I absolutely know there isn't anything cheap from the tip of Montauk Point Long Island through Boston MA.

The market goes up the market goes down but the trend of the market is up - always has been always will be. Sure we're going to have some down time - I told you that back in December - what's new?

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The bears will be down and out sooner or later.