Thursday, March 22, 2007

It's 7 A.M. Do You Know Where the Yen Is?

Right back where it started yesterday at 2 P.M. EDT. I know I know I said it would be back by 4 A.M. - so I'm off by 3 hours I think it was a good call anyway.

Kind of also suggests and up day today in our markets too. But that's not why we're here talking about this - I just wanted anyone who is thinking about trading FOREX to understand the ramifications of a non-announcement out of the Federal Reserve. It means a very profitable round trip if you play it correctly.

But this same thing didn't happen in the Euro or the Cable. The Euro only came half way back and the Cable is still going although it looks like it might be starting to turn now - the older currencies are very slooow. The Aussie buck hasn't turned either - I found when I played them that the Aussie buck pretty much followed the Pound. It was supposed to follow gold but I can guarantee that that wasn't the case.


Bullish Jim said...

Nice call, Marlyn.


Is this CNBC.