Friday, March 23, 2007

Wrapping Friday

A good day to miss - my trading portfolio increased in value and the model portfolio increased in value but the benchmark stayed the same. We'll get to the numbers in a bit. According to the radio this was the best week for the DJI in over 4 years. Can a crash be far behind?

I added to OI before I left after it bounced off the pivot point and then it went all the way to R2 before it rested for the day. WEN is becoming a real disappointment and I think I'll have to drop her on Monday. I'll find something else to fill the void this weekend. STD went down 16 cents at the open and pretty much sat there the rest of the day. GGB took a run up to R1, reversed back to pivot point and then closed at R1.

MSFT and AAPL flat lined all day but GOOG sparked a bit in the last hour - don't know what that was all about.

This guy remains overbought but it is slowing down on the advance - you can see that from the bars - yesterday was 0.0251 and today was only 0.0254 - I think it is getting ready to turn - and I think we have a down week overall next week.

The model portfolio is printing 7.14% and the benchmark is at 2.14.

The VIX is drawing back even more towards 10% under the 10-period moving average, the INDU ATR is 129.66 or down a bit more today which is good, and the up/down ratio is 50% or as neutral as you can get.

I'm forecasting Monday as a down day.

Meanwhile, the coin having got it part right again calls Monday ... heads - up day.

Today was yet one more tie - and this is amazing - so that makes the score Marlyn 22 - 18 and 8 and the coin is 22 - 18 and 8. I'll be back this weekend with some more wit and wisdom or at least a few more posts about life, the market, and making money.

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Nice wrapup fine work.