Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tuesday Wraps

Oh wow let me count the ways - none - now that was another boring day. Of course stocks went up and stocks went down but down was kind of the key to understanding the day.

The fund managers now have one day left to get their act together - Wednesday - because everything settles on Friday and counts in this quarter. Because of that I think tomorrow will be an up day and then we fail into April or fall into April - take your pick. Fortunately because the end of March is so weak April is setting up to be one hell of a month. But first the news -

I mentioned this morning that I lost CRVL to a stop and replaced it with MDRX based on the fact that MDRX was going up when the rest of the market was going down - and that's what happened MDRX went up and stopped and went sideways the rest of the day. Along with everything else. I added to my OI position this afternoon because that was another stock going up against the flow.

The model portfolio lost a little and sits at 7.39% which isn't too bad for 20 days. The Benchmark is at 1.70% which is awful.

GOOG caught a bid at the end of the afternoon which cut the loss a bit - MSFT didn't disappoint - at least not those of us who are calling it a "range-bound pig" (not to its face of course). From 1:30 yesterday afternoon to 4 P.M. today it went - nowhere - but round-tripped 60 cents in the effort. What a piece of crap. AAPL lost a few cents today and I still think it sees 90 again before it hits 100.

My FOREX friends - I hope you kept records on this morning's Con Con effect which was disappointing low. This should suggest some pressure on the Fed to lower rates and the various spots acted exactly as they should have if the Fed lowers rates on the buck - they became stronger against the dollar getting weaker. So now you have Con Con in your book.

The INDU ATR is way down this afternoon to 115.75 - that suggests that the exuberance for selling is waning and it's possible that it will support a boost tomorrow.

The VIX has already pulled back into the neutral zone and the up/down ratio sits at 27.86% and that is oversold to a capital "O".

This guy keeps sinking which is good -

So I'll repeat my forecast for an up day tomorrow.

The coin meanwhile, having another winner today calls tomorrow ... heads - up day also.

That makes the score Marlyn 23 - 19 and 8 and the coin is 24 - 18 and 8. The coin is all of a sudden doing better than Marlyn - imagine that.

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