Friday, March 16, 2007

Good Morning

I caught AUY on the breakout this morning and added to STD as it passed by the pivot point. NFI took off for the heavens and now I'm kicking myself for not adding last evening as I said I would - oh well - had it been the other way I'd be congratulating myself for not doing so - it all breaks even eventually.

The two workhorses in the portfolio AKS and GGB are looking for past glory so we'll just let them run. I'm all in on GGB (all in = as far as I'm going) and I have one more increment on AKS and it looks like I missed a great opportunity this morning already. It bounced off the pivot and took off.

I'm not sure what's going on with SOHU - it is hovering just below the pivot point. If it crosses back over I might add. Some folks out there still want to sell this one - I don't know why. If we get some good days over in China I'm pretty sure it makes 23.50.

ZOLT got away and it looks like it blew it all out in the first burst so I'm going to let that one go.

It also looks like the day is over early. I hate these kinds of days - one shot up and then driftcity.

Update - I wish - everything just collapsed and I sold off half my GGB to preserve some profits this week. The AUY stopped out. But I was able to add to SOHU in the meantime and bring my base cost down to 20.08.

I might reacquire GGB by COB and bring that base cost down as well. Depends how it goes.


JOSEPH said...


Check this out!

JOSEPH said...

I hate paying for anything. How about you?

JOSEPH said...

1:56 Stocks of Interest to Me

TEX 68.50 +1.20

CG 73.06 +1.26


Good afternoon