Friday, March 23, 2007


There is a lot of chatter on the net about how INTC is kicking AMD's chip and it is no longer on a price per flop basis but rather a price per chip basis. That's because we have two chip designers who basically have invented the same thing using different methods and the only variance between them, well it used to be advertising but they've given that up in favor of price per chip.

Now they are in full-fledged war trying to garner market share in that good old American way - by buying it. And the way they buy it is by cutting their margins to the bone and telling themselves its for the good of the company.

I got news for you boys - whatever you are doing isn't working and you really should stop it before someone - namely your gazillion shareholders who couldn't give a cowflop about chip efficiency and only care about returns and this is what they see -

My take - skip these two - they are in a death spiral down and neither of them is going to win - why they don't merge is beyond me.