Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Missing The Boat

I better get over whatever this is that is fuzzing up my head - miserable spring colds are the absolute worst - here is what I missed already today

IMCL - From the breakout filter

AFFX - Ditto

MRX - A gap-up return to 4 bounce off pivot point

Meanwhile my two touts of the morning WEN and ALTH are both making like bombs and dropping.

NSM my overnight trade also gapped up this morning but only 6 cents worth - then it dropped back to the pivot where I doubled up and now it is flying. I love BOB (in a purely heterosexual kind of way - of course).

MVL did a reverse crossover (red candle over EMA 21 - 4) and I dumped it immediately. I'm still holding MPW even though it is flat right now - GGB and STD (I still think that is the worst handle a stock could have) are both up on the day. KNOT is down again but is currently showing an RSI(2) < 2 so I'll probably add. I still think this afternoon will be up after the Fed announcement.


Bullish Jim said...

I had a good day so I can admit that I totally missed IMCL and AFFX, too. I did the breakout screen at 9:25 ET this morning and they were the only two stocks that came up. And then... I didn't buy them. Duh!


Lots of folks have missed the boat.