Friday, March 02, 2007

Jimmy Strikes Out Again

I know, I know, it's like pickin' ticks off the ol' houn' dog - but it's got to be done and besides - it's fun.

A week ago Jimmy said - 'ix-nay to FRO'

and he gave a triple "buy, buy, buy" for DGX

Why do they give this man a forum? Is he ever right?

Disclaimer - I'm so hard on Jimmy because on two different occasions back a year or so ago when he was really hot and the market wasn't he panned two stocks that I had significant profit in. For him they were just throw-away lines that had absolutely no relationship with reality but the two stocks weren't the ones he was promoting that particular day. For me they turned into multi-thousand dollar losses.

As a result I will never pass an opportunity to ridicule this jerkwad and if I can prevent one person from losing money with Jimmy I will consider my quest fulfilled.


Red Hue said...

I have never lost money because of him (that I am aware of)...but I consider him a total joke...monkeys could pick just as well. Very frutrating when my co-workers hear the latest bull from him and start chatting...keep on him Marlyn...maybe a few souls can be saved!

Anonymous said...

I used to watch his show but I don't waste my time with him anymore. When I can, I try to catch the 4 amigos on Fast Money. I don't know if their stock picking skills are any better but at least they sound sane when they open their mouths.

There was only one occassion where I took action on a stock he was touting. A few years ago, he talked up REDF, an Indian internet company, and I knew it would gap up on the open the next morning. I thought the company sucked, so, I shorted at the open after it gapped up huge. His minions was still buying and the stock refuse to drop and I close the trade at the end of day and broke even. If I would of held out for four months I would've looked like such a genius because it dropped about ten bucks by then.


adam said...


so help me, the only time i've ever had a position directly impacted by one of his random calls was REDF also. And it was to my benefit.


Love the name of the post.