Thursday, March 01, 2007

Defensive Funds

From Seeking Alpha - Defensive Funds: How Did They Fare During This Downdraft?

The bottom line of the article - they did lousy. The problem is the guy picked some mutual funds that you would have had to already be in and some obscure ETFs that I'm sure are household names in his house but not in mine. The ones that are household names around this place are shown in the following list with their Tuesday appreciation.

DOG 3.4%
PSQ 4.6
SH 3.8
QID 9.4
SDS 7.7
DXD 7.4

So if you are going to buy a "defensive fund" why not buy those that you know are designed for the situation and not "mutual funds" that must be purchased at least one day before the catastrophe. That's just stupid.

And all of us could have gotten into these defensive ETFs with room to spare - see my post here.


NO DooDahs said...

Postulate: (1) if the defensive funds are based on stocks that held up well on down days in the last X months, and (2) those stocks are, for whatever macro thesis, the leaders of the bull market, and (3) corrections are really the result of institutions re-thinking the macro thesis, then it follows that (4) the stocks that did well in down days over the last X months will get their clocks cleaned in a correction.

Just a thought ...


Some great funds thanks.