Thursday, March 15, 2007

Tracking The Yen - What A Concept

Unbelievable - Bloomberg finally figures it out - a March 14th article -
Yen Holds Near One-Week High as Investors Unwind Carry Trades

Gosh - when did you read about that here? Oh - about two weeks ago. Now I wonder how long it will take CNBC to pick up on it.

This morning the Yen has been tracking sideways. The futures are up and Europe is up and not failing so maybe we will have a good day.

Tracking the Yen - who would have thought of that?


JOSEPH said...

Are there ETF's to trade crude oil?

Do you find that GLD is a good surrogate for trading gold?

JOSEPH said...

Have you found that IYE is a good surrogate for oil?

Marlyn Trades said...

I prefer XLE for oil (greatest liquidity) and GLD for tracking the metal itself. But I really like playing the miners when the metal turns up.


The yen is dead.