Tuesday, March 06, 2007

SBUX Makes Notable Calls

Notable Calls reports that JP Morgan is defending Starbucks.

I'm saying I don't like this one -

The reason is simple - even though the RSI is very low - and you might get a little pop out of it in the short term look at the ATR. The ATR seems to be saying that this is a company in distress. When nearly every other stock known to man has an ATR that is extended into the atmosphere to see one this benign is unsettling - it's like no one cares. Contrast this with one I mentioned earlier - AMMD

At any rate read Notable Calls and then make your own decision.


Bullish Jim said...

Hey Marlyn-

As you know I'm betting on a bit of a bounce in SBUX. I'm just curious if the chart looks more unloved to you now than it did before the big bounce it took last summer?


Great calls