Thursday, March 15, 2007

My Kind of Day

Slow and pointless. Good thing I have an appointment this afternoon - I'd hate to think I got out of bed for this. Isn't it interesting that the Q's are sliding sideways just like the Yen did all night? Well I find it interesting even if you don't.

I picked up some NFI and dumped TRA, CBK and DLX. TRA because it was going nowhere and I didn't want to have to wait another two weeks while it climbed back up 40 cents besides its chart was starting to look wrecked. DLX because it just opened and while everything else went up it didn't and I hate stocks like that - I want them to move - up down I don't care just move. Sitting around is for old people. And CBK because I just didn't really have my heart in that stock and as it turned out I managed to sell it at the high of the day. I made car fare off TRA and a happy meal off DLX and broke even (including commissions) on CBK so that's OK - just a waste of time and opportunity.

I've been watching NFI for two weeks and every time I say I'll buy this on its next dip it doesn't so I decided to put in a small position to entice it to dip so I could fill up later. If not today maybe tomorrow. Right now it keeps hitting R2 and I keep waiting for it to go back to R1 so I can get some more.

I'm watching STD and if I ever had to pick a symbol for a stock trust me - that ain't it - but I make take a small position at COB today. We'll see.

Currently I'm holding RHT, AKS, GGB and NFI. All are profitable and I will probably add to all of them before the end of the week.

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