Monday, March 12, 2007

Monday Pre-Market

The futures are up, Europe is up, Asia finished up although it was negligible but I think it is going to be a flat to down day here in the old U.S.

Since the amazing jobs report last Friday the Yen traded flat in a sideways manner. That was all day Friday and again since the market reopened last night.

Coupling that to the less than exuberant Japanese stock market and the fact that Europe is collapsing even as I write I don't think that our market is going anywhere today.

But I'm going on Vacation - see you back here on Wednesday.

Update - guy on the "market minute" on the radio was just astounded - the futures are going down - and this was after he reported a half hour ago that thing's were booming.

I guess he didn't bother to look at this -

Clueless - absolutely clueless.

Well don't be clueless - keep your eye on the Yen we aren't out of the woods yet.

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Great market preview.