Thursday, March 01, 2007

Look at WLT Go

My biggest problem and I've written about this before is my impatience. I could have had some serious profit in WLT if I had just held on to it. It is up .84% today! Sometimes it just doesn't pay to sell.

Of course the people who listened to Jimmy Crack Corn Pone a couple of weeks ago about BHP are looking at this now -

I have a feeling that they are cursing their patience.

I added to my TIE and RIO positions and bought PAAS off the tweezer bottom this morning and XING too. I've been thinking about TRA but I'm going to wait until the DIA breaks through it's pivot point - 35 cents from where it is this minute (10:43 EST). The DIA bounced off its Support 2 this morning after about 20 minutes and is now going sideways up. It would have been an excellent pivot trade.

It looks like it is done for the moment - from here it is setting up to go down or up so if you did buy earlier you might want to set your stop real close.

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