Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Wrapping Wednesday

Continued day trading as I said I would and was very successful. Hard not to be on a day like this.

Took KKD early at the midpoint high (see Pivot Points) and held it through R3. In numbers that is 12.54 - 13.47. Did a similar with TRID except was out at R1 - a slower developing trade with a slower moving line. Still a 28 cent profit is OK. I'm feeling a lot better now that I'm not losing money on stocks such as Glass (up 2 and change today) and CTXS up a buck 77 on the day. Of course they might give it back and then some tomorrow. I just didn't want to hold either one of these into earnings. I'm still not sure how GLW managed to "beat by a penny."

Still holding CRVL and it went serious-profitable for me today but I decided I didn't have a good reason to sell it. I'm pretty sure that it's going to continue to go up - at least past 46 bucks. Maybe I'll sell then. Sprint also went up some more and I still can't find a good reason to sell that one. Not as sweet as CRVL but I have a lot more exposure too. And Q's are really turning profitable. The weekly indicator is green. I hope it can hold through Friday - I don't think I'll keep the Q's over the weekend. Meanwhile I intend to continue day trading using the Pivot Points as my entry and exits. It's kind of neat not having to make any real decisions except hit the line and buy - hit the other line and sell.

Was today the long awaited GOOG short squeeze? Nah - just normal activity for an abnormal stock. How can you tell? The volume forms a bowl - high for the first hour and a half - tapers into noon - begins to climb again through 4 P.M. Still a nice 4% bump and I'm sure everyone who bought at 513 in front of Jimmy's short squeeze breathed a sigh of relief.

But you have to figure that any day that SUNW shows a profit is a day when everyone should show a profit. They have the best warranty in the business - you pay for it but don't dare go without it 'cause you're going to need it. (You don't read that in their brochures).

For tomorrow first I'll give the data points and they all point to a down day. The up/down ratio went up a paltry 2 percent to 60 but the new 20-day high/low ratio hit 84% and that is hugre. The last time it was this high we had a sustained three day loss. The VIX is back in the overbought zone between 5 and 10 and all 4 major indices plus GS printed strong white candles in the final hour. That in itself should bring the market down a bit tomorrow. But - in the after hours EBAY reported massive earnings and even as we speak there is a feeding frenzy going on in all of the internet stocks. If that carries through to tomorrow and it should we're going to have another up day. I'm forecasting an up day tomorrow.

The magic coin meanwhile sits and sulks having miscalled yet another one today. But for tomorrow the coin says ... tails - bear market - can't convince the coin that sentiment beats luck.

Marlyn is now 7 - 4 and 1 and the coin is 4 - 7 and 1 maybe skill beats luck after all. We'll see.

I'm giving Jimmy Crack Corn Pone a break today. But we'll be watching tomorrow - day 7 of the GOOG short squeeze vigil - get your candles at the door.

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