Thursday, January 18, 2007

Calling BS on Jimmy

Jimmy Crack Corn Pone says – tech should be sold in the beginning of the year and bought at the end of the year. He says it goes down from January through May and up from June to December. If he is correct then this chart of NDX should reflect that. What you are looking at are quarters for the past 4 years. If his proposition is correct what you should see is red in the first two quarters of the year and white in the last two quarters of the year. What do you see?

So who do you believe – Jimmy or your own lyin’ eyes? Last year was the only year in 4 where his proposition seemed to hold. Prior to the last 4 years it was either up all the time or down all the time. I’m sorry but this guy’s act is getting really tough to take.

As always the charts are from - a really fine company.

Once again I get nothing from the endorsement nor do I seek anything. These are some good people - the product isn't perfect but it's plenty good and they're working on it all the time.

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