Wednesday, January 17, 2007

INTC's Turn

Yesterday was SYMC today it will be INTC that brings down the market - I can only think that there is one lesson for all of us in this - stop playing stocks that end in "C". It's obvious isn't it?

I did a quick check to see if there was any symbiosis between GLW and INTC and there doesn't seem to be any - except "tech" in general which is a shame. I just know that GLW is going to feel this pain too.

Time to take a vacation I think. The market is going to go crazy during this earnings season because the promises of yesterday are going to be dashed on the rocks today and we all know what happens then. The peasants get sacrificed on the altar of commerce in the name of the great and mighty Profit - Good Ol' Buck.

Well good ol' luck today fellow peasants - and avoid any stacks of kindling with poles sticking out of them.