Friday, January 12, 2007

Breakouts - 2.5

It's actually 3 but the last two posts were both titled the same so I'll make this one 2.5 and the next one will be 3.

Now that you are totally confused here are some more breakouts from the ascending triangle formation. SYNA, CBG, TJX, NWSA. Those are the best 4 (of 7) and I will tell you that I don't like NWSA(NWS) which was number 1 so I put at number 4.

I just read about SYNA last night as one of the top favored (by funds) small cap complanies per Morningstar. And it actually doesn't have a bad looking chart except for the fact that the last time it got up here (32 and change) it collapsed. CBG has been humming along lately putting up new 52-week highs day after day. But it just broke out of a range-bound 32-34 area. TJX is also exploring new 52-week high territory, has been up here (29.5) before and collapsed. The only other thing I'll tell you is that SYNA has an earnings announcement coming on Jan 25th and their current historical to implied volatility numbers are 20 to 45. That 25 point variance means the market is expecing something in the future and that there will be some movement in this stock (I don't know how much) but it will be up or down - Gee - how helpful.

Do your own DD - and I really don't expect to be doing this every day - but I might convert my program to a weekly and start doing it on the weekends - we'll see.

Also - I hold no interest in any of these stocks and may or may not hold an interest at the end of the day.

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Theirs always a breakout somewhere in the market.