Sunday, January 21, 2007

Tags? Tags? We Don’t Need No Stinking Tags

That movie was on the other night – The Treasure of the Sierra Madre - one of Bogart’s top 3 – which include Casa Blanca and ______ (You fill in the blank – I don’t need no stinking arguments either).

I’ve been tagged so the anonymity of the net becomes a little less for me. Anyway – here goes –

1. I am retired, 62 years old, married 40 years with 4 children and 5 grandchildren, and I live in Maryland.

2. I had two long, rewarding careers – the first in the United States Air Force fighting Commies in the Cold War and the second as a systems engineer for several companies. I spent most of my second career helping to develop and deploy the GPS system so that Domino’s Pizza can better deliver their products.

3. I am a published poet who has been paid for his work (I still have the check – poets, much to my chagrin, aren’t paid much).

4. I once bowled a perfect 300 game (ten pins). I know the feeling of the 12th ball – it is the most amazing feeling in the entire world, you hardly think you can approach the line never mind deliver the ball. The only thing that was going through my mind during the half hour it took to roll that final shot – please God – don’t let me screw this up.

5. I try to learn something new every day. And that is why I started this BLog – it forces me to have the discipline to come up with something fresh and new every day – the only way I can do that is to research it, learn about it, and then write it down – once I write it down it stays with me. So there you have it - the last personal statement – I’m selfish – you guys thought I was writing all of this for you when really it was for me. Of course you are always welcome to read it.

I'll make my three tags to the BLoggers I select in their comments.


ODA125 said...


Great Blog site. I like your style and your honesty. I trade mainly Options and have a good amount of success doing so. I have a blog so that I can give something back to the world I learned from. I too like to learn something new everyday. My focus for trading techniques is tas a basic chartist. I believe from my experience that all I need to trade anything in a market is the charts. Price is king and it forms the pattern. I chased numerous systems and gimmicks for years trying to be a "perfect" trader. When I went back to how I learned and knew things changed. I became consistely successful with minimal losses. I hope you stop by my options site sometime. I will be back to yours. BTW: I travel to the Baltimore area as a consultant (Defense Department) every month. I like the area just not the traffic:).


TradingGoddess said...


Thanks for sharing.

It is good to know you are a human being, and not some robot. LOL!

btw, I used to bowl...never got that "turkey" like you did. Damn. I am jealous!

Bullish Jim said...

I'm glad I tagged you, Marlyn. It's nice to get to know you better. Thanks for sharing...


Everything needs a tag of sorts.