Wednesday, January 17, 2007

IWM Crossing

IWM just posted a crossing pattern on the 15-minute charts (11:15). Suggests that small caps are finally going to start hitting the offer. Meanwhile there is no love for GLW today - told ya - the market hates that stock and uses any old excuse to beat up on it - makes me wonder why I'm in it. SYMC is rebounding although slowly (I bought at the bottom this morning and will run it up today and sell at COB - with the exception of Glass I don't think I ever want to hold another tech stock overnight in my life - and as soon as GLW returns to profit/break even it's gone). (Piece of Crap!)

ACI (coal company) also had a crossover in the first 15 minutes and it looks like it is going to make a bit of a run.

Update - IWM crashed into the afternoon and ACI continued going down. So much for that and even though GLW got past break even this afternoon - I kept it. I'm going to hate myself for that.

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