Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Maybe Not Irrational - Just Nuts

According to Notable Calls SYMC is being downgraded by UBS because UBS believes that they are going to have a bad quarter. There is some proof of this of course, a company such as UBS can't just come out and say that - or can they? Of course they can - their model only takes into consideration sales in sticks and bricks stores and not on-line.

Consequently they used a half data point to make the argument - who am I to argue - I only lost money as a result of this rush to publish.

Never mind - SYMC just came out with an announcement that says it is cutting its third quarter projection - oddly enough not as a result of software sales but because of its data center management unit.

So UBS got the story right just used the wrong rationale to get there - that remains irrational.

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