Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Wrap That Tuesday

Not too bad - the Q's didn't do much except round trip about 30 cents. The couple of stocks I talked about most recently - oil (any stocks) and MAT were both up some. I didn't buy either because both constitute a long term (or at least until Friday) relationship and as I mentioned before I want to concentrate on my daytrading.

Except that I'm still holding CRVL because I won't sell it for a loss when it's only 20 cents away from a profit. Also holding Sprint because - well same as yesterday - no harm in holding it for now. I'll wait until it crashes a buck - buck and a half before I dump it. (That's a joke - I hope). And I'm holding the Q's because I still believe this will be an up week for that ETF. If not this week then next.

I wrote earlier today about BIG and KNOT that I pulled out of a number of stocks setting up nicely. I managed to get out of both of those near the top of the day so all in all a profitable round.

Now both the up/down ratio and the new 20 day high/low ratio have gone up significantly since yesterday with the first printing 58% and the latter printing 68%. The VIX is still in the neutral zone and of the four majors and GS, only the Q's printed red in the final hour and IWM printed a Doji. The others printed strong white candles. Disregarding all of these bad omens and I think we are going to have an up day tomorrow.

The magic coin disagrees coming up ... tails ... bear on the way.

Marlyn is now 6 - 4 and 1 and the coin is 4 - 6 and 1 - the race is on.

And we have gone through day 6 of the GOOG short squeeze watch and Jimmy Crack Corn Pone is nowhere to be seen and neither is the short squeeze.


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