Thursday, January 25, 2007

Canny BS - Revisiting CANSLIM

Nobody knows nothing - including me. I bet you think I'm going to apologise for my snark attack on Can Slim aren't you? Not today - maybe next week. For today I'm just going to say my CANSLIM-ish or CANSLIM Lite filter picked HLX, SPN, CECO, SLAB, CAKE, and PSUN. I'll spare you the grisly details - to date they are a total of -1.66 from where they started. To be fair - HLX is up 2.40 and PSUN is down 1.01 and the rest filter in between.

If I remember next week we'll take another look because CANSLIM is a method for buy and hold for almost forever players (Wowser! is that ever a metaphor for success if I've ever written one). Stay tuned.

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