Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Week Ahead

I'm still working on the 3 month low method and it is not going very well - I'm turning out some great numbers but I can't find any good reason for them - at least not that I'm ready to share right now. The best I'm coming up with is a combination of 3 month low and candlestick/volume analysis and since none of that is automatic (yet) it might take some time - it does look promising though.

Read Notable Calls. If you don't read Notable Calls today and every day (less Saturday) you do not want to have any good investments. I picked these up this morning - BID, BIG, DG, and FDO. But there are another 50 or so being talked about. Read Notable Calls.

MOLX looks like it has bottomed (weekly charts) a lot of selling but no price action two weeks in a row. If it starts going up this week it might be a good investment stock. Do your own DD.

These are all in various stages of breakout (weekly charts) - ACV, PFE, CVS, GOL, INTU, CRI, ENDP. All of them came from my 3 month low filter over the past 30 days. Do your own DD.

I'm going to put all of the above on my day trading watch list and we'll see what happens. If I remember and don't have much to do next weekend (fat chance) I'll try to do an update post on all of them.

Do your own DD. I'll be back later with my answer to the tagging.

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Great weekly review.