Monday, May 14, 2007

Wrapping Monday

What a boring day. The market is waiting for the CPI data - the market already knows that there will be inflation in it so why it is waiting I don't know but that's the headline story so it's what we'll go with. Maybe there will be a CPI surprise but I doubt it - I smell inflation in the air. But if it comes in .0001% less than the expected then watch out above. To business -

I bought and sold and re-bought USU today. Once this morning and once this afternoon. I sold of AKS and I'm done with it. I'll wait for the next major pullback - I think that stock is finished. I bought (only once) ANO and even though it lost 6 cents on me I'll hold it for awhile. I managed to round out GGB to a full position and now I'm done with that one. If it doesn't continue to rise I'll sell it just as quickly as I bought it back.

There isn't much in the market any more that looks very appealing. I'm still holding BGG and AV and the latter went up today and the former didn't.

At one time today the VIX was actually more than 10% over its 10 day MA and now it is back to neutral.

The model portfolio lost 1.88 to 17.63 and the benchmark lost .21 to 7.24. The benchmark is doing a lot better in a down market than the model. That is to be expected because the model has a lot of high beta stocks in it and they will gain quickly and lose quickly too. It is not a balanced portfolio only a growth portfolio.

AAPL continues the march forward, GOOG continues the retreat, and MSFT continues to go sideways.

The INDU ATR printed 91.23 and that means that the rally will continue (after a small pause).

This guy went down some more -

and that is goodness because what it is showing is a coiling action in preparation of an explosive move up. Well I think so, anyway.

The up/down ratio printed 33% which is in the oversold territory.

As always I'll go with the up/down ratio and call tomorrow an up day.

The coin follows my lead although I don't know why and also calls for an up day.

This was one more split day - they are becoming routine and that has to mean something although what I don't know. Anyway the score stands at Marlyn 34 - 29 and 14 and the coin is 37 - 25 and 14.

See you tomorrow.


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