Friday, May 04, 2007


Every few months I feel the need to write a brief to introduce myself and say what I'm about.

What I am is the promulgator of Rule 1 and Rule 1 is

- Nobody knows nothing - including me.

I say that frequently - especially after I've had a big win - having a big win does not make you better, nicer, prettier, or even smarter than anyone else - it just makes you a little better off than you were before the big win.

I say that frequently and it causes me to not watch CNBC or any other news that purports to be about the financial markets of the world. By the time you've heard it there it has already been acted on in the pits and you are now chasing the cow. Have you ever chased a cow? Don't - it just tires you out and annoys the cow.

I say that frequently and it causes me to try to learn something new every day. Yesterday I learned about bursitis - a fascinating disease unless you happen to have it in your hips - then it is just excruciatingly painful.

I say that frequently and it causes me not to have ads on my site - why have ads from people who don't know anything trying to sell you anything?

I say that frequently and I say it to you as a warning - if you take anything away from this site what I want you to take away is a thirst for knowledge, a thirst for learning, a burning desire to do something for yourself.

And now to adapt a thought from that old philosopher - Curly Washburn, "the only way you will become successful in the financial markets is to figure out the one thing that will make you a winner and then do that one thing over and over again."

Of course Curly's one thing was "honesty" and that's important too - above all things be true to yourself.

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