Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Wrapping Tuesday

I went out to play golf - much better use of my time - of course my holdings all went to hell as a result. But that's the price you pay. If we don't get some recovery tomorrow I might be completely in cash by this time tomorrow evening.

I detailed all my trades this morning so I won't recap them here. I'll just go to the numbers.

The INDU ATR went up to 95.80 today which permits the rally to continue. The model portfolio lost .61 today to 16.86 while the benchmark gained .03 to 7.25. Of course the IBD Top 10 went down 3.27% most of that due to a major loss in TNH. We'll keep track of it.

Both AAPL and GOOG lost money today but the owners of MSFT are singing - "We're in the money" based on that massive 3 cent gain today.

The NewMoMo slipped down a bit more which is good

and the VIX is actually 5% over its 10-period MA. The up/down ratio is printing 35% which is also good.

I'm calling for another up day tomorrow and I hope it isn't another tie day like today.

Coin says ... heads - also an up day.

Another tie so the score stands at Marlyn 34 - 29 and 15 and the coin is 37 - 25 and 15. All of this market chaos has got to come to an end sooner or later - I find it interesting that the broad market (SPX) and the NASDAQ (COMPQ) are both losing while the INDU gains new records. Doesn't make sense.

See you tomorrow with more astonishing information and data.


Anonymous said...

By market cap, today's session had large cap flat, mid caps -1.1%, and small cap -.8. So the Dow being mostly large cap is holding up better. The Russell (IWM) looks terrible, Nas is testing February high, and Q's look like they're headed there as well.


I'm still carrying some shorts from last week. On the other hand, perhaps the unstoppable dip-buyers will turn up again.


Nothing like a great wrap up.