Thursday, May 17, 2007

Wrapping Thursday

Played golf again today and am planning to play again tomorrow. Can't shake the spring fever and sitting behind a computer screen all day is not the cure.

And then there were two - I'm down to GGB and JNPR and I will stay in this holding pattern for awhile longer. The model portfolio lost again today to 16.60 and the benchmark printed 7.77. But the IBD Top Ten actually gained a bit to finish at -1.72. Almost all of the action has been in one stock, TNH, which has both dropped 5 points and gained 5 points in the last three days. So for all practical purposes, remove that stock and it is printing -3.02. So you take out a break even stock and the top ten are busy slipping away. I won't report it for a few days now - we'll check back in next week.

The three Amigos are back to normal - AAPL is advancing, GOOG is declining, and MSFT is going sideways having lost 9 cents today. You can have your investments in all three of them - they, to put it plainly, suck.

The VIX remains in neutral, the up/down ratio is at 44% which is also neutral, and the NewMoMo is also at neutral -

The INDU ATR went up a couple of points to 97.55 which means that the rally will continue and despite the neutrality in everything else tomorrow might be an up day.

I'm looking for an up day tomorrow. The coin is looking for an ... tails - down day tomorrow.

I hit today and the coin missed that makes the score Marlyn 36 - 29 and 15 and the coin is 38 - 26 and 15.

See you tomorrow.

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