Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thursday Wraps

How about that! The ATR < 80 works again. The only question left is will the market continue down tomorrow? And we'll get to that presently - first business.

I went and played golf. But before I left I sold everything but GGB and BGG and in fact I added to both of them and they are now both at 80% of a full position. GGB remains profitable and BGG is currently losing 6 bucks - total - but I own a whole lot of shares so a rebound tomorrow and we are back in the money.

I also bought a quarter position in KNOT. And KNOT, after losing 3 bucks + change on a not-so-bad earnings report, actually went up from where I bought back in. I had forgotten that I had a stop loss actually in place for all of the good it did - when the stock bottomed and bounced it sold off. That's why I seldom use a physical stop loss - I just forgot to take it off yesterday before the close.

I'm going to leave the three Amigos alone tonight - the fact that AAPL actually made money today is amazing - the other two did what they usually do.

The INDU ATR is now back above 80 at 87.94 which is good. The model portfolio lost 2.34% to 17.34 and the benchmark lost 1.05 to 6.55. The VIX remains in neutral but this guy, for the first time in 55 trading days dropped below -0.005%.

The best news though is that the up/down ratio is printing 27% and I'm going with these two indicators plus the ATR and calling for an up day tomorrow.

The coin is also calling for an up day tomorrow.

Once again we both hit it today so the score is now Marlyn 33 - 29 and 13 and the coin is 36 - 25 and 13. The coin is still better by far.

I'll be back early tomorrow with some Quote Tracker code for one of the readers and we'll discuss today in a little more depth.


Frank460 said...

Where are the best StockFetcher
filters published?

Marlyn Trades said...

I post them every once in awhile. There are two this month - one in

and the other in

Then when I get a new idea I post that once or twice.

It's pretty hit or miss. This is a BLog not a business.


Interesting wrap up.