Friday, May 04, 2007

Friday Wraps

TGIF - even us retired guys like weekends.

The market was up again but that was expected – today the 401K money started coming into the market and by law it has to be invested. So by cracky they began buying overpriced crap and made it even more overpriced.

I had an uneventful day. I sold off just about everything and am about to sell off the rest. I’m still holding GGB (through earnings which turned out to be a non-event), BGG, and AV. That was a mistake – I hate cheap stocks and have to take profits on them when they present. If I don’t then I will take a loss – it always happens that way because I haven’t got the patience necessary to wait for two weeks while the stock makes a couple of cents a day. I’m always thinking about the money that I could be making whenever I’m trapped in a crappy trade. Live and learn. Anyway I'll be out of town on Monday so AV has one more day to cause me grief but it is either up Tuesday morning or gone.

AKS was behaving as many stocks do post earnings – they go up for a couple of days, hit a ceiling and then start collapsing back on themselves. Watch your stocks when they go through earnings and see if this doesn’t happen. I’ll probably buy it back again the next time the market goes down a bit. If that ever happens again someone wake me up. I'll buy it back again when it closes over 32.00.

It's still a good company with a lot of room to run.

HST turned out to be a disappointment. It just rolled over and blew away. I didn’t like the action so I put the stop up tight under a pivot point and it managed to hit it. I don’t know if it will recover next week or not. I’ll watch it and if it does I'll take another shot.

The model portfolio went up .47% to 16.59% and the benchmark also went up by .38 to 7.50%. The model is still ahead and will probably stay there although I think it will need some maintenance on the next market drop.

The three Amigos are still not really participating in the rally – the MSFT-buys-YHOO story kind of blew the wind out of GOOG’s sails although why I don’t know – do you think the GOOG ownership is getting antsy? I do. MSFT went back down into its range bound muck and AAPL made 40 cents or so. YHOO was up strong and then faded away. Jimmy Crack Corn Pone had a story about YHOO today but he's so full of crap it's sad.

The INDU ATR fell to 87.98 today and that is goodness. We desperately need a correction, everyone knows it but everyone is afraid to stop buying for fear an already oversold stock will become more oversold and they won’t have it in the corral. And when I say everyone I’m not talking about the handful of retail traders – I’m talking about the big guns out there.

The VIX remains in neutral relative to its 10-period MA and the up/down ratio printed 53.40%. That’s neutral too. The NewMoMo remains orbiting 0 and that is also a neutral position.

For Monday I’m looking at another dry day like today – up but not by much.

The coin says tails – calling for a down day on Monday.

We both got another one right and the score is now Marlyn 30 - 29 and 12 and the coin is 34 - 25 and 12.

I'll be back over the weekend with some more posts regarding BOB - I'll show you a couple of charts.

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