Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Keeping it Simple Revisited

One of my readers dropped a comment about a neat little filter I wrote a few months back based on something I read over at Larry Connor's site. The filter was simple as can be and the reader said that he was making good use of it.

So, in the interests of fairness - here it is again -

show stocks where close is between 15 and 35
and average volume(90) > 500000
and close reached a new 10 day low
and close > ma(200)
and close < lower donchian band(20,4)

This throws a 64% win percentage in the current period (11/03/2006 - 03/05/2007). The short term ROI isn't bad -> 48% doesn't seem so high but when compared to the benchmark of 1.54% it is simply great.

So all you stockfetcher fans - here is one you may have forgotten - try it - I think you'll like it.

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