Thursday, May 03, 2007

Thursday Pre-Market

The Yahoo Finance site is calling for a "soft" day and up until a little while ago I might have agreed. But now the futures are up and so is Europe so I don't know. I think it might be a quiet day.

The trouble with a day like yesterday is that it always throws off a ton of good looking prospects.

I looked at a couple of charts and these might be some to put on a watch list and if you see any reason to buy them in the next day or so they might turn out to be good swing trades -

NUAN (reports on 5/8)
SIRF (reported Apr 19th guided lower)
HST (reported in Apr - market overreacted)
TZIX (reported on 4/30 guided lower might be ready to recover)
KBR (reports on the 4th - a cross over candidate)

Then I think I'm going to take a swing trade in AV - looking for a bit of a pull back today to start the position and I'm also hoping for a pull back in BGG so I can add to the position.

Good trading all.

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