Friday, May 18, 2007

Easy Swing Trading

The best way to select stocks for a swing trade that will last a couple of weeks is to use the weekly charts and watch for cross overs. Here is an example - NTRI

You can see that there were two on this chart - the effect lasted for several weeks each time - and you would have made a couple of dollars on each trade.

Of course you could have a farm - GIFI

With 10 events in 4 years - every couple of months it hits again. Once more some real money is possible.

And still some more examples - these are from the IBD top 10 that I talked about the other day. ARGN

July 05, Feb 06, Sep 07 and continuing. Here's AZZ

How can you not love a stock named "AZZ" - what were they thinking! - Jan 06, Jun 06, March 07. And now BTJ -

Jun 05, March 06, Aug 06 (but that one failed), Oct 06, and Jan 07.

And finally one that Dogwood picked up off a daily cross (which means a short term play), Ruby Tuesday (RT) -

A nice composite (candletrick) Oct/Nov 05, and then a clean cross in Aug 06, and another one in Jan 07.

How do you find these? Put up a weekly chart pattern in just about any package and start filling in stocks that you might want to buy. If you use a price range that will permit you to buy in bulk you will be better off and, when in doubt between several stocks pick the one with the lower ATR(10).

There, almost anyone would have paid $60 for a book containing that information (everyone else would have bought it used on Amazon for $30) - and speaking of AMZN

July 05, Nov 05, a failed one Jun 06, Sep/Oct 06, Feb 07, and Mar 07 it's a gusher!.



Excellent trading method.

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