Tuesday, May 15, 2007

IBD Top 10 Part II

Bullish Jim put a good comment on the first post in this series and it is worth your effort to take a look. And now. as Paul Harvey says, for the rest of the news.

I went through the 10 charts and made an astounding discovery - every one of these signaled its current break out via a crossover of one kind or another. Most were clearcut, a couple were the "candletrick" kind that I wrote about previously.

Check out ARGN - it had two -

One on 3/29, and another really good one on 4/19.

The list goes like this -

AZZ - 3/26
BTJ - 3/06
BWLD - 1/2 and again 2/29
CYNO - 3/07
GSOL - 4/02 + 4/03 (combined candletrick)
MTOX - 2/27
EDU - 3/14, and again 4/3 and 4/4 and 4/5 (in case you didn't get the message)
SYNL - 3/7 + 3/8 (candletrick) and again 3/15
TNH - 3/5 + 3/6 (candletrick)

So there really wasn't any reason why we couldn't have found these stocks on our own without the IBD subscription. Of course you will only read about cross overs here at Marlyn's place.