Friday, May 11, 2007

QT Code for BOB and Cross Over

A new reader asked for some code so here it is - once more I make no representations of this information - you use it at your own risk. I provide no guarantees - this is NOT an invitation to speculate in the stock market.


If bar low[1] < bar low[2] AND volume[1] > volume[2] AND bar open[1] >= bar close[1] AND bar open[2] >= bar close[2] AND bar low >= bar low[1] AND bar close > bar open AND ema(8) < ema(21) set color to “choice”

Cross Over 1 (for signal on the cross over bar)

If bar open < ema(21) AND bar open < ema(8) AND bar open < ema(4) AND bar close > ema(4) AND bar close > ema(8) AND bar close > ema(21) AND bar close > bar open AND bar close[4] < ema(21) set color to “choice”

Cross Over 2 (for signal on the bar after the cross over bar)

If bar open[1] < ema(21) AND bar open[1] < ema(8) AND bar open[1] < ema(4) AND bar close[1] > ema(4) AND bar close[1] > ema(8) AND bar close[1] > ema(21) AND bar close[1] > bar open[1] AND bar close[4] < ema(21) set color to “choice”

I use two cross over indicators - one on the bar and one after the bar. You don't have to do that.

You do have to select your own colors however. That's easy enough.

And, yes, there are differences between this version of cross over and the one I use on the daily charts. Most notably the moving average requirements are missing - I don't always play stocks that are below the EMA(90) and neither should you. I just prefer to filter for them because they have a lot of room to run.


Anonymous said...

Hi Marlyn-

Thanks for the code. Do you use QT as a scanner to find stocks that are in BOB or crossover format or can you only do that with one of the other programs - stockfetcher (eod), stock charts, prophet?


Marlyn Trades said...

I use QT as a real-time monitor of those stocks that I have chosen to follow using or other sources. During the day I put up dozens of charts on my screens with alerts of various types and then I don't have to watch everything all the time.

Anonymous said...

OK- so you use stockfetcher to find candidates and then qt to watch the charts of the candidates?


Not bad at all really.