Monday, February 05, 2007

Wrapping Monday

I'm not feeling too well - I guess I picked up a bug last week when I was on the road. Probably not too difficult when you observe how many people cough without covering their mouths with their hands at least. Anyway I have a miserable head cold so I'm mostly watching today and thinking.

I saw an opportunity to grab some DHI on a minor pullback so I took it. I bought it on a blow-off bottom around the noon hour that was also a tweezer bottom on the 15-minute charts. Then at 4 minutes to the close I bought a load of JNPR based on a report I read in Notable Calls and the fact that it too was forming a bottom in the final hour of trading. I will probably sell this one tomorrow.

That makes the load CRVL, KKD, still holding the Q's even though they are profitable and I swore I'd sell them, and now DHI and JNPR.

I was going to buy FNF but it just didn't look good to me. It will probably report good earnings and go to the moon tomorrow morning. But maybe not. I don't have a feel for it and I still don't like holding stocks through earnings unless I do have a feel for them. Of course at about 2:30 it started catching a bid and it went up 60 cents in the last hour and a half. I don't trust after hours so we'll see tomorrow but the earnings were down.

I did notice that GOOG had another "long squeeze" today. A "long squeeze" is when the retail traders sell all their many millions of ... wait, retail traders don't sell millions of shares ... well who's selling then? I don't know but there are a lot of 200 - 1000 lots coming across plus quite a few larger than that. I can guess that most of these are not retail traders because the time and sales window is color coded and most of the trades are in cyan - that means the trade is not at either the bid or the ask. Contrast that to a GM for instance where most of the trades are in red or green (for bid or ask). I don't know why GOOG is losing ground - I think it is possible that people are taking profits to pay for Christmas now that the bills are coming in. Yeah - sure.

Speaking of GM - back in early December Carl Icahn sold off his holdings because as he said, and I'll paraphrase - dumbass company won't listen to me so its stock is going to go down. He managed to beat it down to 28 and change in a couple of days and since then it has gained back about 5 bucks - 3 higher than where Carl sold. So much for Carl as stock picker - see just because you have barrels of money doesn't mean you're smart.

But I'd like to do another object lesson on this same theme. Let's say that on Jan 14th or so Jimmy Crack Corn Pone said that GOOG was going to 513 and from there a short squeeze would take it to 520. Let's say that you believed him and with 10K of your hard earned money you bought GOOG on 1/16 at 507 (approx the open) and you got 19 shares. Today your 19 shares are worth 8971. If you had gotten the 19 shares to 520 you would have a 247 dollar gain. If on the same day you had used the same 10K to buy 324 shares of GM it would be worth 10692 today or 692 dollars in profit or nearly 3 times the profit you might have gained with GOOG but didn't.

The point of this exercise is not to ridicule Jimmy Crack Corn Pone (although I can't help myself I really can't) but to show you that you have choices where to put your money - or as your mother used to say - if everyone was jumping off the bridge would you jump too? Sometimes it just makes good sense to buy an old sticks and bricks company like GM. From a traders perspective GM is a great day trade up or down - just watch the Dow and go with the flow.

Broker A over at Fly on Wall Street has a rant up regarding the fact that GOOG should split - and it probably should about 5 to 1 if not more. If it were anywhere near BIDU you'd be able to make direct and realistic comparisons.

Unless you have Marlyn's Curve. I'll do a post later today or tomorrow showing GOOG, BIDU, and YHOO as you've never seen them before - it's pretty neat.

MSFT and AAPL were both down today but MSFT looked to me like it might go back up again tomorrow. AAPL just looks tired and I have a feeling it will be taking a long rest. SMH looked like it put in a maximum top today - three gaps up and a DOJI star. I wouldn't be surprised to see it drop a bit tomorrow. Of course volume is drying up in just about everything. I'm not sure what everyone is waiting for but I don't like this quiet - it's too quiet.

The up/down ratio has pulled way back to 38% and the new 20-day high/low ratio also pulled back to 74% which isn't great and still reflects an overbought market but some relief is in sight. The last hour was mixed with a couple up and a couple down. And that story is getting to be real old too. The VIX has pulled back into neutral territory which is OK but I'm calling tomorrow a down day. And that is based on the tweezer top that formed on the SPY and IWM today and Friday. They weren't perfect but they were within 2 cents of one another and that's close enough for me. Between that and the absolute minimal volume across the board and I think we need a few days of downward movement just to get the pressure off.

Meanwhile in magic land the coin calls tomorrow --- tails - also down.

Let's call today what it deserves to be called and that is another mixed day or what I'm calling a tie. I lost money on my several investments today but they are all green from where I bought them.

The score is now Marlyn 8 - 5 and 4 and the coin is 6 - 7 and 4.

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