Monday, February 12, 2007

Buying GOOG

Not me - I wouldn't buy GOOG with your money - there are reasons for this and all of them have to do with the fact that GOOG is not really much better than YHOO when it comes to returns (we've discussed and proved this) and is far inferior to GM or HANS on a day by day basis. Especially lately.

But an article in Notable Calls today Calls of Note Part 7 suggests that GOOG is getting near Must Buy territory -

I say it again - if you don't read Notable Calls every day (except Saturday) you are just pretending.


juan f. garcia (YukTrader) said...

I wouldn't buy GOOG here either regardless of "valuation"...if they do take everything "out behind the barn", I'd look to buy about $40 lower...thanks for the visit..

Jerry said...

With so much negativity out there, I'd be a buyer if it breaks below $450. Initiate half a position first, then double down at $400 if it happens.

Big boys will try to take out stop losses so they can load up and send this thing from $440 back to $470 in no time.


Google sounds ok.