Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Cramer Speaks

From Seeking Alpha -

Re: SCI - 'I think that this company - which was in the early 2000s just a mess - has gotten its act back together. It's become, once again, a great growth company.'

I ridicule. Here is a picture of SCI -

Tell me - which part of a 51 cent range makes a 10 dollar stock a "must buy"?

Probably the massive dividends.


Bullish Jim said...

That one is a yawner.

Hey Marlyn- a quick question: Can a blow off bottom start with the last two bars of one day and finish with the first bar of the next day? I'm looking at KNOT whose last two bars yesterday were the first 2/3 of the BOB and it looks like it is going to open up today. Any guidance is appreciated.

Marlyn Trades said...

Yes - on the daily charts - I've never tried it across minute charts - KNOT could be a good Trader X type buy today I think - or it will drop a bit and then form a BOB and be a good buy then. Keep an eye on it - I plan to do so too.

Bullish Jim said...

Will do. Thanks, Marlyn. If it's a buy after the first 15 minute bar I may even call it a hybrid BOB/Trader X! That would be new... :)


Cramer sure can talk.