Thursday, February 22, 2007

You Can't Make This Up

Stock Futures Rise After Inflation Fears

That is the headline in Yahoo Finance at this very moment - are these people real? Do they think? Obviously they don't - but they have to write something and that is what they write.

At this moment (8 A.M. EST 22 February) Asia boomed - Europe is booming - the futures are booming - GOOG and AAPL are both up well in the ECN pre-market - NASDAQ pre-market is booming and ...

What happened to the inflation? Is it gone? Did I miss the announcement - where was I? Was I in the can again? Oh come on - was there a party? Hats and whistles and balloons ... Oh man I miss all the fun.

What a bunch of dogblend.

Later - after I finish it I'll show you what a recession really looks like - it is nothing like what the Government thinks it looks like. My way of looking at recessions is actually real and not political - won't that be exciting? I doubt it but at least you'll have a clue.

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Some things cannot be made up.