Monday, February 26, 2007

Monday Monday

Bought WIT and CRI - sold WLT and SYNA - the latter two I sold for not doing anything other than moving sideways. Sold TTI - earnings are coming Wednesday and I really liked the pop I got this morning. I'm in WIT off the RSI 2 filter and CRI because it looks like it might go up a few cents before noon.

I'm 19 cents away from breakeven on LQDT and 19 cents away from stop loss on LQDT - every time it hits 19.30 a bunch of sell orders hits the wire and it can't get by that spot.

These are the days I hate the most - market explodes up in the first five minutes comes back and then sits.

Well I can sit too.

Update - And of course as soon as I sell WLT it takes off for parts unknown. I knew it would I just had to sell it in order to induce it to move.

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Monday is usually not a good day.