Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Wrapping Tuesday

Another one-hour day. That's pretty much it any more - the market spikes and then drifts back down, touches the EMA 8 or 21, spikes again, then more drifting. Tough way to make a living.

I got back about 80% of my profit on LQDT this afternoon when it printed a blow-off bottom on the 15's. I got in at 19.20 - rode to 19.90 and when it pulled back to 19.80 I was out. I don't think it is going to recover soon - it might have an up day tomorrow, and might even have a gap up on the open, but the sell off today was relentless and very, very angry. Usually in the secondary offerings you get one gap down and you sit and wonder what happened - this was a gap down followed by relentless selling starting about 10:30. And the only thing that happened was the volume kept increasing. Four times normal volume and that doesn't speak well for their plan. This could have been simple short selling but I don't think there were enough up-ticks to make that possible. Tomorrow will complete the picture and we'll see then if all is forgiven.

There's been a lot of angry selling lately - AOB has been on the bad end six of the last seven days - although today looks like it is finally bottoming. I'll be watching this one for tomorrow and see what happens. This was another stock where I took a "secondary offering" beating a couple of years ago - it still owes me money. At least with LQDT I'm a bit ahead of the game.

CRVL we've discussed several times - and it is toast right now - at least the volume is drying up some. And there was some nice action in the last 45-minutes. They finished today with a nice DOJI too and that might mean that the sell-off is over for the time being. But as I've said before unless they come up with another buy back plan they are probably going to keep going down.

But they're not the only ones - AMD keeps getting hammered day after day - as does NTRI. But NTRI also formed a nice DOJI this afternoon. I don't know if these DOJI are significant - there are a lot of them and they don't necessarily have to mean a bottom. They might - that's all I can say.

HANS looks like it has blown its top (not a blow-off top but a blown top) and it shaved 9% today. I mean this is a day when the markets were going up and all of this carnage was taking place among the darlings.

Gold has been going up quite a bit lately - the problem with gold is that the miners go with the metal and with the market - if the metal is down - the miners are down, if the market is down - the miners are down. The only time the miners go up is when the market and the metal go up together - like today - but most of the major miners (sorry Mom) formed gap-up DOJI and that might spell trouble.

GOOG gained 70 cents today. I don't know whether to laugh or cry about that. That was 0.16% which I'm sure made some fund's quarter - I'm also pretty sure that it wasn't the "short squeeze" that Jimmy Crack Corn Pone predicted.

AAPL continued its losing ways but you know how I feel about AAPL. It is probably done for all time.

The semis are done - here is a "maximum top" from last week.

You see on 2/01, 2/02, 2/05 three gaps and a DOJI - classic maximum top. It tried to get over it but it couldn't. If the semi's are done - tech is done - it's pretty clear. Have you looked at a SYMC chart lately? It's been trading between 17.60 and 18.00 for a month now - that's a 40 cent range. Oh well, just as long as they keep paying that dividend. Oh - that's right SYMC is another one of those tech stocks that has been around forever (1990), backdates options, and doesn't pay a dividend. Tell me - exactly what part of a 40-cent wide daily range makes this piece of crap a "must buy"?

MSFT is fighting back but swinging like the little old lady it is. It will fight all week to pin at 30 and once it has caused maximum damage to the options trader's accounts it will resume shuffling down the hill. Mr. Softy is another one - the sizzle has already been sold and nobody is buying the Bull.

And I'm saying all of this on a day when the INDU is up 100 points - I must be absolutely nuts. But that ATR-less-than-80 indicator that I wrote about last week worked like a charm - the INDU ATR(10) went below 80 last Thursday and took the INDU down through the EMA 21. Once the INDU closes on or below the EMA 21 it goes back up again. Maybe the market is just fine and some of these mature stocks are just that - mature stocks. Time to start looking for fresh meat.

Took two swing trades today - RX and CRI. Both of them breaking out and they look like they might be able to make a couple of points in the next month. I have a feeling I'm going to have to hold them for awhile.

I'm dropping the new 20-period high/low ratio because it doesn't seem to be a good predictor - certainly not as good as the ATR indicator I found last week. The up/down ratio is a relatively good indicator as is the Newmomo indicator below. So I'm going to be using these three plus the VIX for forecasting from now on and I'm dropping the last hour indicator also - unless it is five reds or white/greens. Those two configurations actually have meaning for the 'morrow.

So saying for tomorrow the up/down ratio is printing 59% which is neutral and the VIX is back in neutral territory, the INDU ATR(10) is above 80 and the Newmomo indicator still reads bullish.

Thus while it doesn't necessarily have to be an up day tomorrow - I think it will be.

The coin is saying --- heads - also forecasting an up day.

We now have the score as Marlyn 11 - 8 and 4 and the coin is 8 - 11 and 4.