Monday, February 12, 2007

Monday's Wraps

Well I sat and watched for awhile then went out with my bride - didn't miss much. About 3:30 I reloaded with LQDT and maybe I'll get another bump up tomorrow. It would be nice. Other than that I'm flat, dumb, and happy to coin a phrase. As of the close LQDT was already profitable. We'll see.

Last week I read that the market went down because oil went down (!) and there was too much talk of raising interest rates. Interest rates of course are always a one-day story so today it had to be something new - and that was investor disappointment with a number of collapsed deals. I was always taught that there is always going to be inflation in an economic system based on smoke and mirrors and the way to combat inflation would be to --- wait for it --- invest in stocks. Apparently we can't invest in stocks when there is inflation because inflation gathers interest rate hikes and interest rate hikes cause the market to - you guessed it - go down. And you wonder why I gave up all that mumbo jumbo and do silly things like buy at 3:30 and sell at 9:45. Self preservation is the real reason behind rule 1.

Just read an interesting article on Seeking Alpha by John Hussman regarding "selling too early." It is an interesting commentary on today using a historical figure. Worth your time to read, IMO.

I spoke about the historical basis for stock movement this morning and its relationship to the EMA 90. I hope everyone got a chance to look that over. Same theme as always - buy low and sell high. It truly is an easy game in a market that refuses to come down. Although the last couple of days have been a good start.

Unfortunately while we could use a bit more downside I'm thinking that we are in a perfect dip buyers crease and that tomorrow will be an up day as a result.

The following figure is something I've been working on for a few weeks and it looks as if it might have promise.

I call it the "Newmomo" because it, unlike every other indicator known to civilized man is built on EMA's. It is the variance of the EMA 4 vs the EMA 21 of the 20-period normalized DIA. Or the difference between the green line and the red line as shown on this chart.

If you are looking for the routine you've come to the wrong place. Anyway this indicator (for which I have hundreds of samples not just the few shown here) suggests that whenever it went below -.005 that a market turn around should occur in the next day or so. If we couple that with my usual rap I think that turn around could start tomorrow.

The up/down ratio printed 34% which was actually up 6 points from Friday but the new 20-day high/low ratio printed 40% which is 10+ points down. The VIX is sitting at 9% over the 10-period moving average and that probably is enough - maybe a spike up in the morning to take it over the 10% mark and then a slow decline through the day into the close. Goldie (GS) and the Q's printed DOJI while SPY, DIA, and IWM all put out white candles in the last hour. The mix is good - shows that the market isn't sure what it wants to do.

My forecast for tomorrow - rain, sleet, snow and an upward moving market (weather report gratis).

The magic coin agrees - bull market tomorrow.

Neither the coin nor I got today correct so the race is now Marlyn 10 - 8 and 4 and the coin is 7 - 11 and 4.

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