Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Did The Yen Try To Warn Us?

This is interesting -

What's going on here was the Japanese Yen became much much stronger against the US dollar in one single day. But you can see that half of the move occurred before the U.S. market even opened on the 27th. In fact that green candle between those two red ones just above the dotted line is where the market opened. So the speculators were already anticipating a major sell off of everything U.S. before the market opened. If the dollar weakens then the Yen strengthens.

The problem is a major move such as this has serious impact on the Japanese economy because it makes their goods more expensive world-wide. Consequently the Nikkei 225 went down strong last night not because it was following U.S. Markets or acknowledging some fantasy economic issues but because its currency tightened up so quickly.

Still - it is interesting to see the currency impact ahead of the U.S. market. On the other side of the world the EURUSD picture is much the same except for one significant factor - the Euro round tripped on the dollar in the 24 hour period.

This suggests that all is well once more in the world. We'll see.

Charts from FXSTREET.COM